Welcome to the Galactic Transformer Pendant testimonial page.  Here you will find some amazing testimony as to the effects that people are experiencing.

The Quantum Generator Technology that infuses the Galactic Transformer Pendants is truly an incredible applied science who's time has come!

I so look forward to hearing from people who are wearing pendants! Knowing in my heart that a GT Pendant can and does make a difference in peoples lives is gratifying! 

Here is what some people are saying about the Galactic Transformer Pendant!

Gary and Matty, About the GT.

galactic transformer

When I first received it, it was cold, but when I held it in both hands, I felt warmth even through the pendant was still cold. I wear it all the time and whilst I cannot say I feel any difference while wearing it, this is what has happened in my life in the last couple of weeks.

Please appreciate that when I received the pendant, I was going through a busy time. I felt I was coming down with "something", after not being ill for over a year, I was busy getting the kids back to school and preparing Tom to go off to uni, (I'm still doing that as he goes next weekend. I had loads of commitments as well as I was about to menstruate, (sorry guys, but this is relevant). I was also about to undertake my Reiki first degree course. So a lot happening.

What I will say is that my menstruation through all this went like a dream, (like in your 30s Mattie), no pain or discomfort- I felt great and it was very "healthy"- Mattie will know what i mean- last month was not- last month was very horrible actually, and Glyn, (my husband), wanted me to get checked out, which I will still do as a precaution, but this month was great.

What I was coming down with never surfaced and is now gone. My Reiki was a huge success and I instantly felt very sensitive to the energy and have had great success so far with my energy work on family and friends, and as I said, I am extremely sensitized to it.

Relationships with the kids are really fantastic- better than ever especially with my 18 year old Tom- and even his friends are hanging around more than usual- it has been very nice. Glyn and I have been a little more distant though- but that's not anything bad, it's just that his business has been booming madly and he has been so busy, we haven't seem to have been able to catch up properly!! Which is great.

All in all, everything is wonderful- I'm not saying there are any miracles happening here- but everything is VERY positive and I do feel the energy around me a lot- I go around with a smile on my face and a great feeling of excitement. So there you go!

Hello Madaline,

I want to to express to anyone i really enjoy the pendant and this I just now requested a quantity 2 type..! The actual pendant absolutely makes everyone think superior and more vivid just like a child. Our senses are crisper along with the skin color will be far more delicate. I study more quickly along with memorize much easier (I'm researching again which means this aids alot). I restore faster coming from work out (which includes getting the train) along with sleep just like a baby. I am far more good along with more pleased... I am undecided basically ever wish to to take wax off; i. age. certainly not till the brand new just one will get in this article. Our desire for foods along with metabolic rate gone up massive time in the first couple of days, after that this satisfied right down to a number of brand new balance.

Undoubtedly, the pendant stimulates regeneration along with increase, which are vital to lifestyle. Such a technologies actually exhibits the development mankind should be making. I am able to imagine folks associated with Atlantis along with other ancients by using identical form of technologies to raised by themselves along with understand the Galaxy. Many thanks! Carry on the excellent perform!

Kind regards, Andrew Lemmert, Netherlands