Welcome to the Galactic Transformer Pendant Jewelry Page!

Hello and thank you for coming to visit the Galactic Transformer Pendant Jewelry page! I would like to share with you a story about the creation and evolution of the Galactic Transformer name and how the jewelry came about and what's in the works

Madaline and I began wearing the
'Galactic Transformer Pendant' on December 8th, 2009. Little did we know just how much of an impact that day would have on our lives as well as others!

The Evolution!

In the Sept 4th, 1994 issue of Newsweek magazine it was reported that a team of Stanford University physicists were able to prove that it is possible when they were able to temporarily instill  a 3D holographic movie of a humming bird and the Mona Lisa into the sub-atomic structure of a crystal and retrieve it!  The problem that the scientists encountered was making it a permanent part of the stone. The truth is indigenous peoples of the world have known for thousands of years that it is possible to 'program' stones for healing and other purposes!

The parent company, Quantum Universal Balance, owned and operated by Dave and Jan Vette of Sedona, Arizona made it possible for the Quantum Generator Technology, that is used to infuse the Galactic Transformer Pendants, machinery to be built by a young physicist David Sereda.

When David was able to accomplish infusing healing frequencies, such as the NASA Sound of the Sun directly into the crystalline structure of stone, permanently, a huge breakthrough occurred! The implications are just enormous!

The impact on our lives!

Realizing that Madaline and I was to play a role in presenting this technology to the world we began to look for a name that we could use. A 'handle' so to speak. So... One day in mid December, while Madaline and I was sitting in front our computer screens it happened! Madaline said, "let's call it 'The Galactic Transformer Pendant'". It felt absolutely right!

Paying attention to the Sacred Tzolkin of the Mayan Calendar has, and continues to do so, life altering experiences for me. According to the Mayan Calendar we are presently in the Galactic cycle and have been since January 5, 1999. The Galactic cycle is all about ethics.

December 8th, 2008, the day Madaline and I began to wear the pendant was, 12 Cimi (Understanding - Transformer) energy of the day on the Sacred Tzolkin! Wow! When I got that it just blew my mind! There are no accidents in life! It is absolutely appropriate that we call our healing jewelry the Galactic Transformer Pendant!

What Now...?

It is, to say the least, interesting how life goes... Little did I know then, in December, that today I would be in the process of creating several websites in relationship with the Quantum Generator Technology.  One of the other websites in creation is GardenGladStones.com which is nearly completed! The things that scientists discovered about sound frequencies in relation to plants, especially the sound of birds, will absolutely astound you! Well, it did to me anyway.

Another site in it's infancy is PortalOasisGarden.com. This site is coming about due to the knowledge of the incredible impact the Quantum Generator Technology has on the growth and vitality of plants! I will from time to time bring you up to date on the progress of this website!

So... Now is a good time for you to go over to the Shopping Page and purchase a Galactic Transformer Pendant for yourself. Wearing one of these magnificent stones can change your  life for the better! At the very least they will raise the frequency, see the Volt Meter Test page, of your body by 2 too 10 times! Of which many healers will agree if you can raise the frequency of your body you can heal yourself of anything!