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Quantum Generator Technology is an applied science that, to say the least, is changing
people s lives for the better! By using this technology to infuse healing energy that essentially emanates from the zero point field is truly miraculous!

Mankind is evolving at a phenomenal rate! The amount knowledge that we are acquiring is doubling approximately every thirty days! At least that are some of the estimates of what is occurring. My take on it is, 'Hold on because we ain't seen nothing yet'!

With the amount of growth in our brain power do you think that it's no accident that the Quantum Generator Technology was invented?

For that matter, that this technology is being used to harness the enormous energy potential of the 'Void'?

That nothing-ness something-ness thing that Einstein so aptly put as "residual energy" and became known as the "Zero point field".

"The prettiest practical knowledge we could get is the mystical. It is the simple sentiment which holders with the support connected with legitimate art and legitimate scientific disciplines. The person who doesn't recognize that and still cannot wonder, no more wonder, is usually just like expended, and their eye are usually dimmed. It absolutely was the event connected with mystery -- even when blended with worry -- which engendered faith. An understanding from the lifetime connected with one thing all of us are not able to pass through, your perceptions from the profoundest motive and also the nearly all radiant beauty, which only into their nearly all old fashioned varieties are usually obtainable to our minds."
Albert Einstein, 1949 - "The World as I See It"

Einstein was one of the greatest scientists of all time. In 1905 Einstein contributed to the 'Annals of Physics', a German scientific periodical,  three papers which each became the basis of a new branch of physics.

Around that time Einstein's physical intuition noted that Max Planck's, considered to be the founder of quantum theory and awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918, oscillator energies had an incorrect zero point. Einstein's hypothesis was brought to light in 1913 along with a buddy of his Otto Stern.

Well... All this sure opened up a 'can of worms' so to speak. It truly set things in motion for other scientists, not just in physics, to look in unexplored directions! One such scientist was Dr. Royal Raymond Rife.

Dr.  Rife was notably one of greatest minds in the medical field! He designed and built medical instruments that are still being used today!

He received 14 major awards and honors and was given an honorary Doctorate by the University of Heidelberg for his work.

By 1920, Rife completed building the world's

first virus microscope. By the year 1933 he had constructed the enormously complex, nearly 6,000 different parts, Universal Microscope which was capable of magnifying objects by 60,000 times their normal size! Dr. Rife became the very first person on the planet to see a live virus!

All of this huge body of research led Dr. Rife to discover some very interesting things about the effects of frequencies on cancerous cells within the human body.

He discovered that all he had to do was increase the intensity of a resonate frequency of the cancerous microbes and they would just disintegrate! Rife called it the 'MOR' effect or 'the mortal oscillatory rate'.

The important thing to note here is that Dr. Rife designed an built the machinery to use Frequencies to cure people of most of the worse diseases known to man!

Unfortunately for Dr. Rife there were powerful people that did not want his body of research to be widely known. So... A campaign to discredit Dr. Rife and his electronic frequency machine was set into motion which was eventually effective in accomplishing what it set out to do.